Vythiri ResortThe hill station of Wayanad is located at the North Western Kerala. The region is a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India and Wayanad’s evergreen forests mark the transition zone between the northern and southern eco regions of the Western Ghats. This is the most species-rich eco region in peninsular India with eighty percent of the flowering plant species of the entire mountain range found here.

Wayanad is ideal for travelers with a passion for the outdoors. The landscape is majestic, composed of rugged, lofty ridges interspersed with dense forests, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and mountain streams. Numerous outback trails and trekking routes snake through the forests with many spots ideal for adventure sports.

Wayanad is also known for Rich Tribal culture. One get the opportunity to interact and understand different tribal culture in Wayanad.

Wayanad is easily accessible from: (Distance is mentioned in KM to Vythiri Resort)

Calicut Airport : 85 Kms
Calicut City : 65 Kms
Cochin : 260 Kms
Mysore : 140 Kms
Ooty : 130 Kms
Bangalore : 270 Kms
Coorg : 150 Kms
Kabini : 90 Kms

Nearest Airport :

Calicut, also known as Kozhikode (CCJ) where in addition to domestic carriers, we have International carriers like EMIRATES, ETIHAD, QATAR, OMAN etc operate on daily basis.

Nearest Rail Head :

Calicut also known as Kozhikode (CLT). Calicut Railway station is well connected with Cochin (there are many day-express trains travel between Ernakulam /Cochin (ERS) to Calicut. Also Calicut is well connected between Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi by rail.

Activities one can do in Wayanad

The below mentioned activities need the help of a guide. Guide charges per day: Rs1500/-

Tribal Village Visits:

With the help of a professional guide, we organise very informative visits to different tribal families. Explain about their culture and living

Visit the paddy fields:

(Name Wayanad has come from two Malayalam Words – VAYAL- means paddy and NAADU meansLand. VAYAL NAADU means Land of Paddy Fields)you could see a good amount of Paddy fields in Wayanad and also other cultivations in Wayanad.

Visit to a Farmer’s House:

Assisted with a professional guide, guests can visit the farms and also have the opportunity to have a meal with the farmer. We are trying our best to incorporate the local community also as a beneficiary as a part of this tourism program. The meals charges per head is Rs250/- per meal. A minimum 4 people needed.

Visit to URAVU :

A non profit organisation based in Wayanad supporting almost 250 families. They manufacture a varieties of handicrafts based on Bamboo. We can show the guests the traditional methods of weaving bamboo and the ways in which the handicrafts are made etc.

Heritage sites in Wayanad: (Entry Fees applicable)

  • Edakkal Caves- almost 5000 years old caves with stone aged carvings in it.
  • Ambalavayal Heritage museum: Close to Edakkal caves, showcases the history & culture of Tribal life in Wayanad.
  • Ruins of Jain Temple (No entry fees)
  • Thirunelli Temple: one of the oldest Loard Vishnu Temples in Kerala. Non Hindu guests cannot enter the temple.

Wildlife Sanctuaries:

There are two main wildlife sancturies in Wayanad namely:

  •  Muthanga Wildlife Santury- extension of Mudumalai and
  •  Tholpetty Wildlife Santuary, extension of Nagarhole / Kabini. Chances of siting wildlife like elephants, deer, wild boar, occasionally tigers etc..

Entry Fees @ Rs100 per guest
Vehicle entry fees @ Rs500/- for the vehicle.
Local guide mandatory @ Rs100/-


Soft trekking is possible within the 150 acres of Vythiri Resort. Full day trekking – soft / hard trekking is possible in wayanad with the help of a guide.

Full Day trekking in Chembra Peak:

chembra_peakChembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad (2500meters from MSL). A full / Half day trek is very interesting. Need to pack food and go for trekking. (Need to get the forest Permission for the same: Applicable charges are Rs1000/- up to 4 people including a tribal guide)

Adventure activities:

Bamboo rafting (between July- Jan), Mountain Biking, river crossing, rappling, etc can be organised with the help of professional teams based in Wayanad.