The Tamara

The Tamara Coorg is a calling. Something you’ve been searching all your life. To waft in the silence. And, in its deceptive guise, listen to the sounds deep within. To discover unaccustomed pleasures. To feel nothingness. The Tamara is your sabbatical. Now you are far, far away from your last avatar.


Luxury Cottages

TheTamaraCoorg-Luxury-cottage-bedroomOur ever popular, Luxury Cottages offer a very generous 660 Sq. Ft living area, contemporary tropical furnishings and all the creature comforts. But with a huge balcony you may well find yourself spending more time outside enjoying your spectacular surrounds! The Luxury Cottage has a comfortable bed and an extended living space that folds into your private deck.

Suite Cottages

TheTamaraCoorg-bedroom-suitecottageOur Suite Cottages can be best described as big, bright and ultra-modern. With a huge 992 Sq. Ft layout that is ideal for guests who would like privacy and space at the same time. The living spaces are designed keeping in mind natural light and there has been utmost attention to every detail so that guests can get a warm and cozy feel reminiscent of a log cabin nested in the woods with all possible creature comforts.

Eden Lotus

7Our Eden Lotus Suite Cottage, with a layout of 1670 sq. ft., is the most spacious cottage with luxurious interiors, ultra modern amenities and elegant décor. It comprises of two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a living room that opens out into a private wooden sun deck with a glass ceiling. The deck is oriented towards the east. Guests can enjoy the facility of a Jacuzzi positioned at the centre of the sun deck, in utter seclusion, with panoramic views to keep them company. Loungers on the deck are perfect for soaking up the sun while relaxing with a cup of coffee, book, or newspaper at hand. Futons and tables adorn the living room.


The Elevation – Studio Spa

Experience the serenity and vitality of being alive through textures, temperatures, aromas, sights and sounds. Our therapists will guide you to a world of rejuvenation through their knowledge, skill and attention to detail. Get ready to experience elation at our interim studio spa – The Elevation for a rejuvenating spa experience.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Balinese Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Back Massage
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Face Therapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Signature Coffee Therapy


Plantation Tour

Home to The Tamara Coorg – The Kabbinakad Estate is nestled in the steep and densely shaded hills of the majestic Western Ghats. The estate comprises of Arabica, Robusta & Cardamom plantations, interspersed with pepper vines on silver-oak and hardwood species such as rosewood surrounded by a wealth of native flora and fauna in a magnificent ecosystem. Witness the changing seasons bring about a uniqueness in your every experience, in this up close and personal one-on-one with nature. Partake in the simple pleasures of watching a honey bee at work, and sway like wild-flowers in a breeze, and join the choir with a hundred birds singing their songs on guided trails that showcase the best of Kabbinakad.


Nature Treks

There are 3 trekking trails leading towards these ranges viz. as follows,

  • MANJE MOTTE VIEW POINT (Trail # 1 : Approximate duration of this trek is 3.5 Hrs)
  • PATHI POLE FALLS (Trail # 2 : Approximate duration of this trek is 4.5 Hrs)
  • BALLYAATRE RIDGE (Trail # 3 : Approximate duration of this trek is 5.5 Hrs)



The Falls

The multi-cuisine restaurant, named ‘The Falls’ offers regional, national, international & fusion cuisines in an atmosphere of warmth and elegance and featuring a see through dance floor. The Tamara’s oxygen rich and exciting outdoor environs builds up an appetite, which our team of chefs’ takes prides in fulfilling with rich fusions of cuisines and concoctions. We source almost all our ingredients locally, including from our organic vegetarian garden, and the restaurant also features a display kitchen and a dedicated vegetarians kitchen. The open barbeque deck offers a beautiful evening ambience for leisurely multi course meals and the experience is enhanced many folds by the warm service. The Tamara Coorg is also a place for magical and intimate dining experiences such as a candlelit dinner by the waterfall, with the surrounding tree- lines glowing with thousands of fireflies.


The Deck – Lounge Bar

The sunset brings out the highlander in all of us. For those who need to raise their spirit or for those who relish dabbling with an array of spirits. The curtain raiser to an evening of rediscovery is the unsaid order. Leisure at the lounge is accompanied by the sounds of nature. The whole ambience is musically orientated at The Tamara Coorg. So expect the symphony every evening with an ensemble of birds, cicadas and crickets blazing away. Their best performance is during the early mornings or after an evening drizzle. The only other unsaid order would be ‘refill’.


The Verandah

This heritage building creates the perfect backdrop for guests to indulge themselves whilst they stay over at the resort. The Verandah is divided into four sections each with a unique offering to all guests. The first section is an exquisite gift shop where all guests can take back a little bit of The Tamara Coorg, as The Verandah boasts of a wide range of exclusive branded memorabilia and gifting ideas. The gift shop opens up into the “Custom Coffee” section; it is here that guests can custom blend and roast their own coffee beans to create the perfect “cuppa” and call it their own. This coffee blend can be taken back home and guests can savor the coffee that they have created as a signature taste for themselves. For guests looking to soak up some history, they can do so by visiting the in house bookstore that has an enviable collection of fine handpicked literature. A true reader’s delight and an insightful section to savor. The book store at The Verandah opens up into a coffee bar where one can indulge in everything from a simple cappuccino to a more flavorsome mocha-latte espresso all made to suit one’s taste buds.

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