Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens


“Find delight in the beauty that surrounds you” Situated in Kerala, known as “God’s own Country”, Cheruthuruthy Eco- Gardens gives the ultimate sense to this usage. Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens is situated on the banks of the second largest river in Kerala, Bharathapuzha, Cheruthuruthy is a small village near Wadakkanchery in Trichur district.

Honeymoon Cottage

A secluded, fancy floating honeymoon cottage with one bedroom and verandah. Before the freshness fades from the face of your bride, come over to revel with the very beautiful floating honey moon cottage of Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens’. With the hut of happiness reflecting on the water around, the cottage is a treat to behold. Helping the staying couple weave moments of fun; fishing facilities are also arranged at the cottage. The resort crew also facilitates to cook and server these fresh catch.


Superior Bungalow

The resorts ‘Cottage Royale’ – The Superior Bungalow, a perfect blend of ‘state of the art’ is a well furnished 4 bedroom heritage villa with all modern amenities including a kitchen. The perfect place for family get together or to host a private party. Terrace is fully covered over the top so that you can play or conduct any event of your liking. Each room is fully furnished. Spend your time alone with your precious family and friends this is your one big package.


Pigeon Nest Villa

For those who prefer simplicity in core, there awaits ‘Pigeon Nest Villas’ with a single bed room. The cottage built blending serene nature also has open to sky water shower facilities. Best suited for a simple getaway in the midst of nature.


Pigeon Nest Suite

Relaxing in the luxury of the room, giving you a space for a memorable stay with your family. Our spacious suite with airy interiors and plentiful play areas for your tot would be a home away home.


Duplex King Villa

Tastefully furnished King Sized a/c bedroom with a private visiting room and verandah, giving a view of the radiant pool, there is the Duplex King Villa with astonishing décor and high end facilities with an Ariel view of the river Bharathapuzha.